Equity and Debt Financing

Strong Equity Relationships and Debt Market Access


Resource has developed strong relationships with a select group of institutional joint venture investment partners. Our joint venture partners share our investment perspective,  creating a unique alignment of interests. These relationships have provided Resource with the access to capital required for the implementation of Resource's strategy and allow Resource to proactively pursue all appropriate acquisition opportunities.

Equity Relationships:

  • $75M programmatic joint venture with national insurance company
  • $50M programmatic joint venture with New York based investment bank and national multifamily investor
  • $50M investment program with national investment advisor and private equity fund
  • $55M equity investment by a New York based private equity firm and national real estate investor to recapitalize and provide capital improvement funds for a six property portfolio
  • Syndication of over $250M of individual and corporate commitments


A strong balance sheet coupled with the ability to access the debt market with experience and confidence allows Resource to consistently arrange attractive debt structures. We judiciously contact our wide network of lenders, maintaining valued relationships that permit placement of the most appropriate debt arrangement to each and every transaction.

Debt Relationships:

  • Government sponsored debt. Long term borrowing relationships with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac with transactions ranging from $10 to over $100M
  • Conventional bank lenders
  • Non-bank balance sheet lenders
  • Secondary financing lenders