Acquisitions and Dispositions

Stringent Criteria Ensure Consistent Results

Disciplined Acquisitions

Resource's acquisition criteria are centered on the acquisition of multifamily communities in locations where market trends and demographics provide a strong indication of achieving positive and substantial operating results through qualified and direct management. Current key factors include:

  • Assets and Location: Resource seeks to invest in both individual multifamily communities of 150 plus units and portfolios of multifamily communities containing at least 1,000 units in preferred locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Southeastern, and Midwestern United States.  Properties ranging in age from 5 to 30 years are typically considered.
  • Value Add: Resource's historical staple has been value added multifamily investments. We seek opportunities requiring an infusion of capital for needed property improvements and property repositioning, as well as situations where management improvements will benefit the asset and operational results.
  • Financing: Resource will acquire properties either debt free or through assumption of taxable or tax exempt debt. Resource has had extensive experience with most debt financing structures.
  • Special Situations: Resource has in-depth experience stabilizing underperforming apartment communities through capital infusions and superior property management services.

Targeted Disposition Strategy

Resource continually evaluates the advantages and timing of dispositions of existing properties through market and general economic conditions and investment time horizons. Proceeds from sales are recycled into new property acquisitions, and, if appropriate, existing properties, which in turn provide more attractive growth potential. Resource regulates future capital and operating plans based on a continuous, active review of our property portfolio. Through this strategy Resource seeks to consistently reposition its portfolio to provide the most positive risk adjusted returns available in each economic cycle.

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